Saturday 21 January 2017

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Bowspring Training Fall 2016 Date

Who is this training for?
  • Students enrolled in the 200hours Lakehead School of Yoga Certified Yoga Instructor Program
  • Certified Yoga Instructors looking to work towards Advanced Training
  • Fitness Professionals looking to work towards Advanced Training
Students enrolled in the 200hour LSY CYIP are required to complete an additional weekend scheduled for December 2, 3, 4

Students who are in the Advanced Training are required to complete and extra 25 hours online.

Cost is $325 +hst per module. 
8 modules for the 200hour program.

There are 4 modules for the Advanced Training program.

Friday 19 February 2016

Advanced Training - Spring 2016

March 11, 12, 13
April 15, 16, 17
June 10, 11, 12

75 hours of classroom training
25 hours online

$325 per module (plus HST)

Sridaiva Bowspring System:

Who is it for?

Anyone can learn to do the Bowspring in standing, sitting or any basic posture to increase health, mindfulness, and a positive mindset. The uniform muscle tonus of the Bowspring makes for maximum functionality in ordinary tasks like walking, sitting, housework, and even more specialized exercise activities like biking, jogging, or any athletics.

The Bowspring is an antidote to the health issues arising from our modern, sedentary C-curve posture.

The Bowspring alignment is also highly therapeutic for the lower back, neck and shoulders when performed while doing all normal daily activities.

With the Bowspring, students of any age can learn to move with springy agility, graceful lightness, whole body strength, and expanded vitality.

All movement becomes more efficient with the Bowspring - increased power with less force.

Although the Bowspring is a natural, primordial posturing for humans, it has never been systematized into a practice.
New Approach, New Results! 

While the Bowspring is filled with physical benefits, it also offers great mental and emotional health. Since the Bowspring posture positively affects the nervous system and the circulatory system, a student can expect to see better mental focus, emotional clarity and a reduction in stress with regular practice.

The bouncing, hopping, pulsing, rhythmic movement of the Bowspring is also mood elevating! It brings back a youthful, spirited, positivity to one’s outlook on life.

The Bowspring is movement medicine.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Thunder Bay has four brand new Certified Hatha Yoga Instructors.  The intensive 21 day training was a huge success.  What some of the students had to say:

"It was an intense training, but it went by fast.  I prefer the 21 day intensive."

"I will never look at a yoga class the same again.  The alignment principles really work."

"Noelle is an amazing instructor.  She made learning fun and really cared that we understood. I enjoyed the field trips!"
Learning to set the foundation

Learning to create themes.  Based on my book: "What Makes Your Heart Sing?"

Monday 1 July 2013

Growing Roots

I am so excited to be doing Yoga Teacher Training in Thunder Bay.  Partially, because it's my home town, partially because I love to teach, and partially because these particular students will be the very first in CANADA to be trained in Growing Roots.

Growing Roots is a radical new philosophy of yoga asana that will change the way we move our bodies in a yoga class.

Focus is on alignment and working with myofascia lines, natural curves of the spine and energy.

Each student who graduates from the program will bring their unique-ness to their class by learning how to create and weave a theme through the asana.

Each student who graduates from the program will be the catalyst for change; both physical change and mental/emotional change.

Each student who graduates from the program will be the light that leads others out of darkness.

Thunder Bay is the place to be!  Growing Roots is the future of yoga.

Thursday 9 May 2013

Bringing affordable Yoga Teacher Training to Thunder Bay

Lakehead school of yoga is a operated by Studio 2 for Yoga and Wellness (Studio 2 Yoga), a Yoga Alliance 200hr Registered Yoga School (RYS200).

Noelle Cormier is the Owner and Director of education.  She was born in Fort William, and grew up in McKenzie, Nipigon and Terrace Bay.  Noelle now runs a successful yoga studio outside of Toronto, ON and is the author of a book on creating themes for yoga classes called: What Makes Your Heart Sing?